Pat Metheny’s ‘Orchestrion’

Released on January 26, 2010, “Orchestrion” is a studio album by Pat Metheny, using various orchestrionic instruments.

Track Listing : 1.Orchestrion (Pat Metheny) – 15:48 . 2.Entry Point (Pat Metheny) – 10:28 . 3.Expansion (Pat Metheny) – 08:35 . 4.Soul Search (Pat Metheny) – 09:19 . 5.Spirit Of The Air (Pat Metheny) – 07:45

Musicians : Pat Metheny – Bass, Bottle, Cymbals, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Marimba, Orchestra Bells, Percussion, Piano, Vibraphone

Production : Produced By Pat Metheny . Joe Ferla – Engineer, Mixing . Hyomin Kang – Assistant Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Pat Metheny – Liner Notes . Barbara De Wilde – Design . Henry Leutwyler – Photography

Recorded October, 2009.

Released On January 26, 2010 By Nonesuch.

(Source Orchestrion | Pat Metheny – Official Site)

Pat Metheny - Orchestrion


All About Jazz
Metheny may be playing with a bunch of solenoid and pneumatic-driven instruments—over 40 of them—but they play this knotty music without ever getting tired, without ever making mistakesand with a sense of groove and dynamics that make it difficult to believe that they’re anything less than the real deal. […]

Man And Machines: Pat Metheny‘s Orchestrion Seeing the orchestrion in action is like watching Santa’s workshop, if Santa were a jazz cat. In addition to two pianos, two robotic guitars, a vibraphone, drums and bells, a mechanism blows air across the top of liquid-filled jugs. […]

Does it work musically? Check the title track and “Expansion”; their knotty changes hint at Steve Reich’s work for mallet instruments, but their deep, warm guitar grooves, intricate melodiesand Metheny’s love of rhythmic invention set them worlds apart. These tunes flow seamlessly even though they are compositionally ambitious, even by Metheny’s exacting standards. […]





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