Pat Metheny records ‘One Quiet Night’ solo on acoustic and baritone guitars (2001)

Pat Metheny’s ‘One Quiet Night’ is a solo album recorded on November 21, 2001 and January 2003 on acoustic and baritone guitars and released on May 13, 2003 By Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.One Quiet Night (Pat Metheny) – 05:02 . 2.Song For The Boys (Pat Metheny) – 04:30 . 3.Don’T Know Why (Jesse Harris) – 03:08 . 4.Another Chance (Pat Metheny) – 06:48 . 5.Time Goes On (Pat Metheny) – 03:18 . 6.My Song (Keith Jarrett) – 04:20 . 7.Peace Memory (Pat Metheny) – 06:11 . 8.Ferry Cross The Mersey (Gerry Marsden) – 03:57 . 9.Over On 4Th Street (Pat Metheny) – 03:39 . 10.I Will Find The Way (Pat Metheny) – 07:49 . 11.North To South, East To West (Pat Metheny) – 12:02 . 12.Last Train Home (Pat Metheny) – 04:35

Musicians : Pat Metheny – Guitars, Baritone Guitars, Bass Guitar

Production : Produced By Pat Metheny, Steve Rodby . Ted Jensen – Mastering . Rob Eaton – Mixing

Package : Doyle Partners – Artwork . John Churchman – Photography . Elizabeth Zeschin – Photography

Recorded On November 21, 2001 And January 2003.

Released On May 13, 2003 By Warner Bros..


And that’s what I love about music like this. It’s a little like poetry, except that it’s a distillation of a musical idea…and every time I “read” it, a new thought surfaces. […]

The mood is reminiscent of the countrified pastoralism of the early New Chautauqua and Beyond the Missouri Sky,…This is like Chet Atkins playing Paul Bley (or maybe the other way round). […]

All About Jazz
My one gripe is that he used too much reverb and that decision distances the music from this listener to some degree; but hey, he’s the artist and that’s the way he heard it! […]


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