Nonesuch publish Brad Mehldau Trio’s ‘Blues and Ballads’ featuring Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard (2016)

Brad Mehldau Trio’s ‘Blues and Ballads’ is an album featuring Larry Grenadier on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums and released on June 3, 2016 by Nonesuch.

Track Listing : 1.Since I Fell For You (Buddy Johnson) – 10:56 . 2.I Concentrate On You (Cole Porter) – 07:23 . 3.Little Person (Jon Brion) – 03:55 . 4.Cheryl (Charlie Parker) – 07:42 . 5.These Foolish Things (Jack Strachey) – 06:03 . 6.And I Love Her (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 09:29 . 7.My Valentine (Paul McCartney) – 10:12

Musicians : Brad Mehldau – Piano . Larry Grenadier – Bass . Jeff Ballard – Drums

Production : Produced By Brad Mehldau Greg Calbi – Mastering . James Farber – Engineer, Mixing . Tim Marchiafava – Assistant Engineer . Aki Nishimura – Assistant Engineer

Package : Evan Gaffney – Design . Anthony Hatley – Photography

Recorded December 10, 2012; May 12, 2014.

Released On June 3, 2016 By Nonesuch.

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The Guardian
And every phrase is a cliffhanger. Probably, only a musician of Mehldau’s extraordinary powers of invention can do this consistently and to such intense effect, but it works for an old R&B tune, a blues by Charlie Parker and a Lennon-McCartney classic, among others. […]

All About Jazz
Whether there’s some complexity behind a song’s structure or not, the results are always pleasing to the ear and no trouble to simply follow if you don’t feel like dissecting what’s going on. More seriously intense work can wait for another album (or for the listener, another hour). […]

An influential figure in the jazz world since the late ’90s, Mehldau has subtly transformed not only the way modern jazz is played, but also the repertoire from which musicians draw inspiration. […]


Brad Mehldau Trio’s ‘Blues and Ballads’


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