Jazzin’Around Shadow Of Your Smile

From ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’ to ‘The Shadow Of Your Smile’ , we have mixed 18 ‘linked together by a clue that you have to guess‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Johnny Mandel‘. It has New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Helen Merrill, Elsie Bianchi, Henry Mancini and many more.

IMAGE : Shadow of your smile Photo by Solarshakti

Francine Reed: Francine has a unique ability to convey a sweet conviction that makes every song seem as if you’re eavesdropping on a private, intimate conversation. Meet Francine Reed and you’ve just met your new best friend . Hear her sing and you’ve just heard someone who knows your soul. “Shades of Blue” offers her finest testimony. – Scott Freeman, Senior Editor, Atlanta Magazine

Sonny Criss @hardbop : Sonny Criss must be considered one of the great underground musicians of all time. Living in Los Angeles was not conducive to gaining great national erecognition since whatever publicity can be gathered from club dates or concerts somehow gets smogbound on its route over the Rockies.

Pery Ribeiro : Em 1980, gravou o LP “Pery Ribeiro sings Bossa Nova hits”, um projeto especial dirigido ao mercado internacional, registrando canções brasileiras vertidas para o inglês, como “Song of the jet (Samba do avião)” (Tom Jobim – versão. G. Lees) e “The girl from Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema)” (Tom Jobim e Vinicius de Moraes – versão. N. Gimbel), e canções norte-americanas, num clima de bossa, como “The shadow of your smile” (Webster e Mandel) e “This masquerade” (Russel), além da versão de Kate Lyra, “This time I’m gonna make it last”, para sua composição “Bossa na praia” (com Geraldo Cunha). Ainda nesse ano, lançou a versão em português do projeto, o LP “Os grandes sucessos da bossa nova”, contendo sua composição “Bossa na praia” (com Geraldo Cunha), além de músicas de outros autores, como “Samba do avião” (Tom Jobim), “Garota de Ipanema” (Tom Jobim e Vinicius de Moraes), “O barquinho” (Roberto Menescal e Ronaldo Bôscoli) e “Você e eu” (Carlos Lyra e Vinicius de Moraes), entre outras.

New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble : The New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble (NYSJE) is an internationally renowned recording and touring group. Since the bands inception in 1994, they have released ten CDs and they have performed regularly throughout Europe, Canada, USA, and South America.

Clarence Carter : Oh, I forgot to tell you, the name of my first record on Fame Records; it was “Tell Daddy All About It”. My association with Fame Records lasted from 1966 until 1973. During this time, we had records like: “Slip Away” in 1968, “Too Weak To Fight” in 1969 and “Patches” in 1970. All three of these records were in the top ten positions on the charts. Atlantic Records proved to be a good idea that Rick Hall had for my career, for it was that company that gave stability in the music business for me.

Elsie Bianchi Brunner @Wikipedia : Elsie Bianchi Brunner (5. November 1930 in Zürich als Elsie Brunner) ist eine Schweizer Jazzmusikerin (Akkordeon, Piano, Gesang), die nach ihrer musikalischen Karriere in den USA als Sportartikel-Fabrikantin tätig war.

Helen Merrill : Although she has made a large number of jazz albums and knows her way around recording studios in the United States, Japan and Europe, Ms. Merrill’s recording career began in a non-commercial atmosphere in the now famous Rudy Van Gelder studio in New Jersey. She was accompanied by Jimmy Rainey, Don Elliot and Red Mitchell. The result was a single that eventually led to a contract with Mercury. Without much fanfare, Mercury released a jazz album titled simply “Helen Merrill”

Nancy Sinatra @Wikipedia : In early 1966 she had a transatlantic number-one hit with “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”, which showed her provocative but good-natured style, and which popularized and made her synonymous with go-go boots. The promo clip featured a big-haired Sinatra and six young women in tight tops, go-go boots and mini-skirts.

PLAYLIST : Pery Ribeiro – The Shadow Of Your Smile (3.08) . Bill Evans – Suicide Is Painless (5.54) . Eliane Elias – Blue in green (4.49) . Charles Mingus – Blue Greens (11.4) . New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Haitian Fight Song (4.51) . Clarence Carter – Too Weak To Fight (2.18) . MGM Studio Orchestra – But The Flesh Is Weak (1.14) . Woody Herman & His Orchestra (feat – Frances Wayne) (4.19) . Francine Reed – I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues (4.05) . Diana Ross – Lady Sings The Blues (1.07) . Diana Ross – Smile (2.58) . Helen Merrill – The Shadow of Your Smile (3.02) . Elsie Bianchi – The Shadows Of Paris (4.10) . Henry Mancini – The Last Time I Saw Paris (2.26) . Coleman Hawkins – Its only a papermoon (3.02) . Coleman Hawkins – Midnight Sun (2.55) . Sonny Criss – Black Coffee (7.48) . Nancy Sinatra – The Shadow Of Your Smile (2.52) .


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