Joe Lovano records ‘Universal Language’ for Blue Note (1992)

Joe Lovano‘s ‘Universal Language’ is an album recorded on June 26–28, 1992 and released the same year by Blue Note.


Joe Lovano records ‘Universal Language’ for Blue Note (1992)

1 . 1993, Luna Park

2 . Feb19 2011

Track Listing : 1.Luna Park (Joe Lovano) – 05:09 . 2.Sculpture (Joe Lovano) – 09:04 . 3.Josie And Rosie (Joe Lovano) – 06:48 . 4.This Is Always (Harry Warren) – 05:13 . 5.Worship (Joe Lovano) – 04:55 . 6.Cleveland Circle (Joe Lovano) – 04:58 . 7.The Dawn Of Time (Joe Lovano) – 07:25 . 8.Lost Nations (Joe Lovano) – 06:23 . 9.Hypnosis (Joe Lovano) – 06:13 . 10.Chelsea Rendez-Vous (Joe Lovano) – 09:14

Musicians : Joe Lovano – Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Wood Flute, Alto Clarinet, Drums, Percussion . Tim Hagans – Trumpet . Kenny Werner – Piano . Charlie Haden, Scott Lee – Bass . Steve Swallow – Electric Bass . Jack Dejohnette – Drums . Judi Silvano – Vocal

Production : Produced By Joe Lovano . Greg Calbi – Mastering . James Farber – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Josef Astor – Photography . Dan Morgenstern – Liner Notes . Patrick Roques – Art Direction

Recorded On June 26–28, 1992.

Released In 1992 By Blue Note.

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Silvano’s voice is used as texture, not a lead instrument, which helps give the music complexity and an otherworldly depth. It’s an unabashedly adventurous and risky projectand it works frighteningly well. […]

When I first heard the first track I wondered what that strange instrument was that sounded like a Clanger – looking at the notes I realized it was Judi Silvano scatting…and I am still not totally convinced by it. (I realize that if you weren’t in Britain in the 1970s you probably don’t know what a Clanger is: they were knitted aliens who communicated by friendly whistling.) […]

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Universal Language is one of Joe Lovano‘s most ambitious and successsful albums, an attempt to prove the cliché that music is indeed the universal language. He does this by writing a set of ten original compositions that cover a broad spectrum of sounds and styles, from hard bop to worldbeat-influenced post-bop. […]


Joe Lovano‘s ‘Universal Language’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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