Keith Jarrett records ‘Fort Yawuh’ with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian & Danny Johnson (1973)

Keith Jarrett‘s ‘Fort Yawuh’ is an album recorded on February 24, 1973 at the Village Vanguard, with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian and Danny Johnson and released the same year In 1973 by Impulse!.

Track Listing : 1.(If The) Misfits (Wear It) (Keith Jarrett) – 13:15 . 2.Fort Yawuh (Keith Jarrett) – 18:22 . 3.De Drums (Keith Jarrett) – 12:10 . 4.Still Life, Still Life (Keith Jarrett) – 08:38

Musicians : Keith Jarrett – Piano, Soprano Saxophone, Tambourine . Dewey Redman – Tenor Saxophone, Musette, Maracas . Charlie Haden – Bass . Paul Motian – Drums, Percussion . Danny Johnson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Ed Michel Tony May – Engineer

Package : Hollis King – Art Direction . Al Kramer – Photography . Edward O’Dowd – Design

Recorded On February 24, 1973 At The Village Vanguard.

Released In 1973 By Impulse!.

(Source Keith Jarrett – Fort Yawuh | An unofficial website about jazz pianist Keith Jarrett)


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If you like me prefer improvs jazz and free atmosphere against framed well structured (and often too formal and boring) compositions, I expect this only live Jarrett “American quartet’s” release is possibly one of the best his album for your taste. […]

All About Jazz
That Redman and Haden only rarely sound here the way they did with Ornette is testimony to their musicianship and to Jarrett’s focused artistic vision. […]

Robert Christgau
But side one sounds like the usual new jumble for at least ten plays until suddenly Dewey Redman establishes himself as heir to Ornette, just like the highbrows say he is […]


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