The Bad Plus Joshua Redman

Released on May 26, 2015, “The Bad Plus Joshua Redman” is a collaborative album between saxophonist Joshua Redman and trio The Bad Plus.

Track Listing : 1.As This Moment Slips Away (Reid Anderson) – 06:52 . 2.Beauty Has It Hard (David King) – 07:00 . 3.County Seat (Ethan Iverson) – 03:03 . 4.The Mending (Joshua Redman) – 04:10 . 5.Dirty Blonde (Reid Anderson) – 05:32 . 6.Faith Through Error (Ethan Iverson) – 03:18 . 7.Lack The Faith But Not The Wine (Reid Anderson) – 07:13 . 8.Friend Or Foe (Joshua Redman) – 08:36 . 9.Silence Is The Question (Reid Anderson) – 13:30

Musicians : Joshua Redman – Sax (Tenor) . The Bad Plus – Band . Reid Anderson – Bass . Ethan Iverson – Piano . David King – Drums

Production : Produced By The Bad Plus, Joshua Redman Pete Rende – Engineer, Mixing . Huntley Miller – Mastering

Package : Greg Meyers – Artwork . David King – Artwork . David Jacobs – Photography

Recorded 2011 – 2015.

Released On May 26, 2015 By Nonesuch.

The Bad Plus Joshua Redman


The Guardian
The Bad Plus Joshua Redman review – challenging, imaginative collaboration But Redman’s swing on his own Friend or Foe, his free-jazz blasting on pianist Ethan Iverson’s strutting Country Seat, and his ballad dialogue with Iverson on Anderson’s Lack the Faith But Not the Wine show how brightly his jazz flame burns. […]

The New York Times
Review: Joshua Redman Joins the Bad Plus in a Chemistry ExperimentBeginning in a hush and slowly building to a roar, it’s the album’s closing track, for good reason: By the all-important metric of group cohesion, it couldn’t be any more convincing. […]

Conversely, Redman, an adroit, long-form improviser, finds new avenues of jazz expression within the context of this new group sound. This conversational approach is perhaps best represented on the ensemble’s reworking of the Bad Plus songs “Dirty Blonde” and “Silence Is the Question.” […]




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