‘The Great Concert of Charles Mingus’ is recorded in Paris with Eric Dolphy, Clifford Jordan et al (1964)

‘The Great Concert of Charles Mingus‘ is a live album recorded on April 19, 1964, at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris and released the same year by America.

Track Listing : 1.A.T.F.W. (Art Tatum, Fats Waller) – 04:17 . 2.Presentation Of Musicians (Charles Mingus) – 01:08 . 3.So Long Eric (Don’T Stay Over There Too Long) (Charles Mingus) – 21:47 . 4.Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk (Charles Mingus) – 14:29 . 5.Fables Of Faubus (Charles Mingus) – 27:46 . 6.Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Mitchell Parish) – 07:55 . 7.Parkeriana (Dedicated To A Genius) (Charles Mingus) – 27:04 . 8.Meditation For Integration (Or For A Pair Of Wire Cutters) (Charles Mingus) – 22:45

Musicians : Charles Mingus – Bass . Eric Dolphy – Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute . Johnny Coles – Trumpet On (3) . Clifford Jordan – Tenor Saxophone . Jaki Byard – Piano . Dannie Richmond – Drums

Production : Produced By Charles Mingus

Package : Jean-Pierre Leloir – Photography . Bruno Guermonprez – Liner Notes

Recorded On April 19, 1964 At Théâtre Des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.

Released In 1964 By America.

(Source ‘The Great Concert of Charles Mingus‘ | The Official Site of Charles Mingus)

The Great Concert of Charles Mingus


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Simply put, this recording is not only one of Mingus’s most towering achievements, but is also a testimony to the power of jazz music to find beauty and power in the most dire situations… As a lengthy (and all-too-rare) example of Dolphy’s mature genius, as well as a revelatory glimpse into Byard’s immense talent, it is essential. […]

Hearing the music as originally presented only seems to make it sound better, not least because the previously unheard “So Long” is so strong. Clifford Jordan hit his personal peak on this tour, both individually and in the various intriguing situations in which he and Dolphy counter each other. […]

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The day before April 19th Johnny Coles collapsed on stage from a stomach ulcer and had to be rushed to the hospital so the band plays minus 1* (Coles’ trumpet sat on stage atop a flight case throughout this performance in tribute). […]


‘The Great Concert of Charles Mingus



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