Charles Mingus records ‘Tijuana Moods’ for RCA (1957)

Charles Mingus’ ‘Tijuana Moods’ is an album recorded on July 18 and August 6, 1957 and released in 1962 By Rca.

Track Listing : 1.Dizzy Moods (Charles Mingus) – 05:52 . 2.Ysabel’S Table Dance (Charles Mingus) – 10:28 . 3.Tijuana Gift Shop (Charles Mingus) – 03:48 . 4.Los Mariachis (The Street Musicians) (Charles Mingus) – 10:22 . 5.Flamingo (Ted Grouya) – 05:35

Chuck Stewart

Musicians : Charles Mingus – Leader, Bass . Clarence Shaw – Trumpet . Jimmy Knepper – Trombone . Shafi Hadi – Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone . Bill Triglia – Piano . Dannie Richmond – Drums . Ysabel Morel – Castanets, Vocals . Frankie Dunlop – Percussion . Lonne Elder – Vocals

Production : Produced By Bob Rolontz Ray Hall – Engineer . Bob Simpson – Engineer

Package : Scott Johnson – Art Direction . Ed Michel – Liner Notes . J.J. Stelmach – Art Direction . Chuck Stewart asterisques RVM – Photography . Martin Williams – Liner Notes

Recorded On July 18 And August 6, 1957.

Released In 1962 By Rca.

Charles Mingus


This is music that tears itself away from the confines of its medium, lifting off that flat silver disc and into blurts and swirls of hot orange sound. This is music with feeling, because Mingus was feeling it all back in 1957. […]

The Guardian
Nominally expressing a piece of laddish tourist excess (self-mythologised in Mingus’s unreliable memoir Beneath the Underdog), the music is much more than a mid-life crisis with tequila and castanets. Mingus was a master of form, whatever the materials […]

London Jazz News
Tijuana Gift Shop has a kind of avant-garde opening consisting of short rhythmic phrases which again provides a collage — or montage — effect before coalescing into tight ensemble playing from the horn and reeds with Shafi Hadi chirping and chipping. […]


Charles Mingus’ ‘Tijuana Moods’ M


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