B.B. King records ‘Live at the Regal’ at the Regal Theater in Chicago (1964)

B.B. King’s ‘Live at the Regal’ is a live album recorded on November 21, 1964 at the Regal Theater in Chicago and released in 1965 By Abc.

Track Listing : 1.Every Day I Have The Blues (Memphis Slim) – 02:38 . 2.Sweet Little Angel (Riley King, Jules Taub) – 04:12 . 3.It’S My Own Fault (Riley King, Jules Taub) – 03:29 . 4.How Blue Can You Get? (Leonard Feather) – 03:44 . 5.Please Love Me (Riley King, Jules Taub) – 03:01 . 6.You Upset Me Baby (Riley King, Jules Taub) – 02:22 . 7.Worry, Worry (Maxwell Davis, Jules Taub) – 06:24 . 8.Woke Up This Morning (My Baby’S Gone) (Riley King, Jules Taub) – 01:45 . 9.You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (Joe Josea, Riley King) – 04:16 . 10.Help The Poor (Charlie Singleton) – 02:58

Musicians : B.B. King – Guitar, Vocals . Leo Lauchie – Bass . Duke Jethro – Piano . Sonny Freeman – Drums . Bobby Forte – Tenor Saxophone . Johnny Board – Tenor Saxophone

Production : Produced By Johnny Pate

Package : Don Bronstein – Photography . Ray Flerlage – Photography . Dick Shurman – Liner Notes . John Tobler – Liner Notes . Rick Ward – Liner Notes

Recorded On November 21, 1964 At Regal Theater, Chicago, Illinois.

Released In 1965 By Abc.


Team Rock
The story which he breaks into during Worry, Worry for example, is a master class in audience interaction and a text book example of a live performance carried out by an entertainer at the head of his field. […]

Live at the Regal is an absolutely necessary acquisition for fans of B.B. King or blues music in general. A high point, perhaps even the high point, for uptown blues. […]

Jas Obrecht Music Archive
The Regal repertoire was typical for that era. The band starts with “Every Day I Have the Blues,” with B.B.’s beautifully placed, warm-toned solo soaring over the driving rhythm and horn kicks. He then slides easily into “Sweet Little Angel,” which he describes as “one of the real, real oldies.” […]


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