John Coltrane records ‘Giant Steps’ for Atlantic Records (1959)

John Coltrane‘s ‘Giant Steps’ is his fifth studio album as leader recorded on May 4–5, 1959 & December 2, 1959 and released on January 27, 1960 by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Giant Steps (John Coltrane) – 04:43 . 2.Cousin Mary (John Coltrane) – 05:45 . 3.Countdown (John Coltrane) – 02:21 . 4.Spiral (John Coltrane) – 05:56 . 5.Syeeda’S Song Flute (John Coltrane) – 07:00 . 6.Naima (John Coltrane) – 04:21 . 7.Mr. P.C. (John Coltrane) – 05:56

Lee Friedlander

Musicians : John Coltrane — Tenor Saxophone . Tommy Flanagan — Piano . Wynton Kelly — Piano On (6) . Paul Chambers — Bass . Art Taylor — Drums . Jimmy Cobb — Drums On (6) . Cedar Walton — Piano On (1) . Lex Humphries — Drums On (1)

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün . Tom Dowd — Engineer . Phil Iehle — Engineer

Package : Lee Friedlander asterisques RVM — Photography . Marvin Israel — Cover Design . Nat Hentoff — Liner Notes

Recorded On May 4–5, 1959..

Released On January 27, 1960 By Atlantic.

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History will undoubtedly enshrine this disc as a watershed the likes of which may never truly be appreciated. Giant Steps bore the double-edged sword of furthering the cause of the music as well as delivering it to an increasingly mainstream audience. […]

Thinking Music
Giant Steps, Central Park West and Modulatory Cycles However, in our fascination with the what of Coltrane’s octave subdivision, we can at times forget that its how is equally important. That Coltrane himself subjected it to vastly divergent treatments attests to the importance he placed on exploring its technical means. […]

The Guardian
50 great moments in jazz: John Coltrane‘s giant step for improvisation Giant Steps, an astonishing tenor-saxophone improvisation Coltrane recorded in 1959, has been a model for aspiring sax players ever since, but it’s far more than a technical exercise, pointing the way toward the lava-flows of scales and runs that the critic Ira Gitler famously described as “sheets of sound”. […]


John Coltrane‘s ‘Giant Steps’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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