Oscar Peterson records with Ray Brown, Herb Ellis and Buddy Rich, ‘Oscar Peterson Plays Count Basie’ for Clef (1955)

‘Oscar Peterson Plays Count Basie’ is an album of music associated with Count Basie, recorded on December 27, 1955 with Ray Brown, Herb Ellis and Buddy Rich and released in 1955 by Clef.

Track Listing : 1.Lester Leaps In (Lester Young) – 03:58 . 2.Easy Does It (Sy Oliver, Lester Young) – 06:28 . 3.9:20 Special (William Engvick, Earle Warren) – 03:40 . 4.Jumping At The Woodside (Count Basie) – 05:42 . 5.Blues For Basie (Oscar Peterson) – 03:34 . 6.Broadway (Billy Bird, Teddy Mcrae, Henri Woode) – 04:31 . 7.Blue And Sentimental (Count Basie, Mack David, Jerry Livingston) – 02:29 . 8.Topsy (Edgar Battle, Eddie Durham) – 04:22 . 9.One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie) – 05:49 . 10.Jive At Five (Count Basie, Harry Sweets Edison) – 04:11

Musicians : Ray Brown – Double Bass . Herb Ellis – Guitar . Buddy Rich – Drums

Production : Produced By Norman Granz . Seth Foster – Mastering . Gary N. Mayo – Mastering

Package : Isabelle Wong – Design . Paul J. Hoeffler – Photography . Izzy – Art Direction . Hollis King – Art Direction . Alex De Paola – Photography

Recorded On December 27, 1955.

Released 1955 By Clef.


On the face of it, pianist Oscar Peterson (whose virtuosity always allowed him to play an infinite amount of notes) and Count Basie (who made inventive use of silence and space by emphasizing single rhythmic sounds) would seem to have had little in common. […]

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