Gordy publish ‘Wish It Would Rain,’ an album by The Temptations (1968)

The Temptations’ ‘Wish It Would Rain’ is an album (the final from the group’s ‘Classic-5’ era) released on April 29, 1968 by Gordy.

Track Listing : 1.I Could Never Love Another (After Loving You) (Roger Penzabene, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 03:33 . 2.Cindy (Smokey Robinson) – 03:08 . 3.I Wish It Would Rain (Roger Penzabene, Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 02:48 . 4.Please Return Your Love To Me (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 02:26 . 5.Fan The Flame (Al Cleveland, Terry Johnson, Robinson) – 02:44 . 6.He Who Picks A Rose (Edward Holland, Jr., Emilio “Father” Smiley, Norman Whitfield) – 02:28 . 7.Why Did You Leave Me Darling (James Dean, Deke Richards) – 02:11 . 8.I Truly, Truly Believe (George Gordy, Marget Gordy, Allen Story) – 02:44 . 9.This Is My Beloved (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) – 02:13 . 10.Gonna Give Her All The Love I’Ve Got (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) – 02:46 . 11.I’Ve Passed This Way Before (James Dean, William Weatherspoon) – 02:43 . 12.No Man Can Love Her Like I Do (Edward Holland, Jr., Norman Whitfield, Eddie Kendricks) – 02:16

Musicians : David Ruffin – Vocals, Lead On (1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 11) . Eddie Kendricks – Vocals, Lead On (4 – 9) . Paul Williams – Vocals, Lead On (10 – 12) . Melvin Franklin – Vocals, Lead On (8 – 11) . Otis Williams – Vocals

Production : Produced By Norman Whitfield, Smokey Robinson, Henry Cosby

Recorded 1967-68.

Released On April 29, 1968 By Gordy.

The Temptations


The Daily Record
The understated strings and arrangement bear the hallmarks of Motown’s classic Holland-Dozier-Holland productions. It’s hard to believe that in less than a year, Whitfield and the Temps would be on the vanguard of the psychedelic soul movement. […]

pianoporsche @ RateYourMusic
David’s caught between the tender past and a funky future (just like the twitchy arrangements)and his attempts at a grainy oomph are never as effortless as Paul’s. […]

Wish It Would Rain never quite sounds like one of The Temptations‘ most ambitious albums, but it does capture a group of gifted professionals (both in front of the microphones and behind the scenes) working at the peak of their skillsand the results are impassioned, satisfyingand beautifully crafted; if you like The Temptations at all, this is an album you’ll cherish. […]


Gordy publish ‘Wish It Would Rain,’ an album by The Temptations (1968)

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The Temptations’ ‘Wish It Would Rain’


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