Beck releases his second official album : ‘Odelay’ featuring ‘Where It’s At’ (1996)

Beck’s ‘Odelay’ feat. ‘Where It’s At’ is his second official studio album, originally released on June 18, 1996 by Dgc.

Track Listing : 1.Devils Haircut (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 03:14 . [Sampled : “I Can Only Give You Everything” By The Mc5, “Out Of Sight” By Them, “Soul Drums” By Pretty Purdie] . 2.Hotwax (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 03:49 . [Sampled : “Song For Aretha” By Pretty Purdie, “Dookey Shoe” By Rasputin’S Stash, “Universal Rhythms” By Mandrill, “Up On The Hill” By Monk Higgins & The Specialties] . 3.Lord Only Knows (Beck Hansen) – 04:14 . [Sampled : “Lookout For Lucy” By Mike Millius, “When It Comes” By Edgar Winter] . 4.The New Pollution (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 03:39 . [Sampled : “Venus” By Joe Thomas] . 5.Derelict (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 04:12 . [Sampled : “Get Up And Dance” By Freedom, “I Just Want To Celebrate” By Rare Earth] . 6.Novacane (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 04:37 . [Sampled : “Don’T Push It Don’T Force It” By Leon Haywood, “Inside-Looking Out” By Grand Funk Railroad] . 7.Jack-Ass (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 04:11 . [Sampled : “It’S All Over Now, Baby Blue” By Them] . 8.Where It’S At (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 05:30 . [Sampled : “Sex For Teens (Where It’S At)” By Dr. Stanley Z. Daniels, “Needle To The Groove” By Mantronix, “I Don’T Care If U Disrespect Me (Just So You Love Me)” By The Frogs, “Military Scratch – Scratch Mix” By Grand Wizard Theodore, “Get Out Of My Life, Woman” By Lee Dorsey] . 9.Minus (Beck Hansen) – 02:32 . 10.Sissyneck (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 03:52 . [Sampled : “The Moog And Me” By Dick Hyman, “A Part Of Me” By Country Funk, “Life” By Sly & The Family Stone] . 11.Readymade (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 02:37 . [Sampled : “Desafinado” By Laurindo Almeida And The Bossa Nova All Stars, “Admit It” By Rory Gallagher] . 12.High 5 (Rock The Catskills) (Beck Hansen, John King, Michael Simpson) – 04:10 . [Sampled : Symphony No. 8 “Unfinished” (First Movement) By Franz Schubert, “Mr. Cool” By Rasputin’S Stash] . 13.Ramshackle (Beck Hansen) – 07:29

Manuel Ocampo

Musicians : Beck Hansen – Guitars, Vocals, Harmonicas, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Analog Keyboards, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Organ And Celesta . Mike Millius – Scream On (3) . Joey Waronker – Drums On (6 – 9), Percussion On (3 – 12 – 13) . Mike Boito – Organ On (8 – 10 – 12), Trumpet On (8) . David Brown – Saxophone On (8) . Greg Leisz – Pedal Steel Guitar On (10) . Charlie Haden – Bass On (13) . Jon Spencer – Keychain On (14) . Ross Harris – “(The Enchanting Wizard Of Rhythm)” (Ending Of “Hotwax”)

Mark Romanek

Production : Produced By Beck Hansen, The Dust Brothers, Mario Caldato Jr., Brian Paulson, Tom Rothrock, Rob Schnapf Bob Ludwig – Mastering . The Dust Brothers – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Beck Hansen – Art Direction . Robert Fisher – Art Direction . Al Hansen– Collage Images . Zarim Osborn – Collage Images . Manuel Ocampo asterisques RVM – Collages, Inlay Painting . Bob Ludwig – Cover Photography . Nitin Vadukul – Photography

Video Director(s) : Steve Hanft for “Where It’s At” and “Jack-Ass” . Mark Romanek asterisques RVM for “Devils Haircut” . Beck for “The New Pollution”

Recorded 1994–96.

Released On June 18, 1996 By Dgc.


Working for the first time with the Dust Brothers, who was best known for producing the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique and some tracks by Tone Loc and Young MC, Beck grafted an incongruous harvest of Wild Style, Skip James, Hank Williams, and noise-punk touchstones into an instinctual whole. […]

Slant Magazine
Beck’s effusive genre-bending—a blues song with a house beat or a rap song with a funk hook, for example—asks us to look past our conventional views of what something should or shouldn’t sound like. […]

So while Beck has spent the last 12 years largely sampling and expounding upon the ideas he presented on his most popular album, Odelay‘s most distinguishing feature is its effortless summation of decades of popular music by-way-of the Dust Brothers’ still-fresh production. […]


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Beck releases his second official album : ‘Odelay’ featuring ‘Where It’s At’ (1996)

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Beck’s ‘Odelay’ feat. ‘Where It’s At’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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