Columbia publish Bob Dylan’s seventeenth album : ‘Desire’ featuring ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Mozambique’ (1976)

Bob Dylan’s ‘Desire’ is his seventeenth studio album produced by Don Devito and released on January 5, 1976 by Columbia Records.

Track Listing : 1.Hurricane (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 08:33 . 2.Isis (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 06:58 . 3.Mozambique (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 03:00 . 4.One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) (Bob Dylan) – 03:43 . 5.Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 04:05 . 6.Joey (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 011:05 . 7.Romance In Durango (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 05:50 . 8.Black Diamond Bay (Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy) – 07:30 . 9.Sara (Bob Dylan) – 05:29

Musicians : Vincent Bell – Bouzouki . Ronee Blakley – Background Vocals On (1) . Dominic Cortese – Accordion, Mandolin . Emmylou Harris – Background Vocals . Scarlet Rivera – Violin . Luther Rix – Congas On (1) . Steven Soles – Background Vocals On (1) . Rob Stoner – Bass Guitar, Background Vocals . Howard Wyeth – Drums, Piano . Luther Rix – Conductor

Production : Produced By Don Devito . Stan Kalina – Mastering . Don Meehan – Engineer

Package : John Berg – Cover Design . Ruth Bernal – Cover Photography . Ken Regan – Cover Art

Recorded July–October 197.

Released On January 5, 1976 By Columbia Records.

Package : Carl Barile – Artwork . Ken Regan – Cover . John Berg – Design . Allen Ginsberg – Liner Notes . Ruth Bernal – Photography


Rolling Stone
Liking Desire is hardly the point — there are those of us who will always believe that Dylan is copping out until he returns to the fiery rock & roll that drove his middle Sixties work, just as there are those who will never truly love his music again until he writes an album full of “Hurricanes.” The test of Bob Dylan‘s talent is really that all of us continue to listen and hope. […]
That is what makes Desire such a great record in the first place, anyways. So, despite all of the lyrical siege, Desire is a captivating record, filled with unique arrangements and an ambiguity that remains to be seen as anything derived from hatred. […]
A much more varied album this, when compared to ‘Blood On The Tracks’. All of the songs there, were pretty much in the same style – musically they featured repetitions on and towards the end of the songs to support the lyrics. It wasn’t really a musical album as such, though songs such as ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ were supremely musical. […]


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