New Music Videos (louder) – N°368

Here are the brand new worldwide louder music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

24 . Ash Minor – Like A Dove

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Ash Minor is known for his distinctive sound sculpted by personal tribulations and his evocative tracks like “Universe,” “Fall Like The Rain,” and “Through The Blue.”

23 . Puscifer – The Humbling River [Live]

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

Formed in Los Angeles, California, and active since 1995, Puscifer is an experimental and alternative rock group created by Maynard James Keenan, known as the lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle. They have released several studio albums, including “V is for Vagina,” “Conditions of My Parole,” “Money Shot,” and “Existential Reckoning.” Song featured on the album : Global Probing

The Remedy (2015)

22 . Tvinna – Louga (w/ Fabienne Erni)

Date Added : nov 27, 2023

Tvinna is an international band, spearheaded by German band Faun member Laura Fella and Faun ex-member Fiona Rüggeberg, along with Dutch musician and producer Fieke van den Hurk.

The Gore (2019)

21 . O. – ATM

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

O. is a London-based duo comprising baritone saxophonist Joseph Henwood and drummer Tash Keary, offering pneumatic sax and drum patterns and bringing an inventive and heavy bass-driven sound. Song featured on the album : Slice (Ep)

20 . Pa Sheehy – Wretched

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Pa Sheehy, an Irish singer-songwriter from Dingle, County Kerry, gained recognition as the lead singer of the rock band Walking on Cars before embarking on a solo career.
Music video directed by : Paul Mahon

Róisín (2021)

19 . Shooting Daggers – Not My Rival

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

With members hailing from Spain, Italy, and France, Shooting Daggers is a feminist/queercore punk band from London, UK, known for their fierce and confrontational sound.
Music video directed by : Martyna Bannister

Liar (2022)

18 . Molotov – Santo Niño De Atocha

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Molotov, formed in Mexico City in 1995, quickly became known for their provocative blend of rap metal and rock en español. Their music’s incendiary nature is a pointed critique of government and societal norms​.

Frijolero (2003)

17 . Young The Giant – My Body [Live]

Date Added : nov 26, 2023

Formed in 2004, Young the Giant, an alternative rock band from Irvine, California, surged into the music scene in 2010 and they have, since then crafted anthemic and thoughtful rock music.
Music video directed by : Guadalupe Bustos

Mind Over Matter (2014)

16 . Noahfinnce – Scumbag

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Hailing from Ascot, England, Noahfinnce, or Noah Adams, is a British pop-punk multi-instrumentalist and digital savant who carved a niche in music with his raw covers and vlogs.
Music video directed by : Luke Cutforth – Song featured on the album : “Growing Up On The Internet

Life’S A Bit (2020)

15 . Whatever Penguins – red song

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

14 . The K’s – Heart On My Sleeve

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Hailing from Earlestown, The K’s blend the raw energy of punk with rock, indie, and pop as eclectic as their roots between Manchester and Liverpool.
Music video directed by : Geoff Owens – Song featured on the album : I Wonder If The World Knows

Hometown (2022)

13 . Superlove – NRG

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Superlove is a Bristol-based noise-pop trio.

12 . Kid Bookie – AI [Save Yourself]

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Kid Bookie, from South East London, mixes guitar skills, hip hop with trap metal and versatile rapping rock since 2009, and that got him nominated for the 2022 MOBO in the “Best Alternative Act” category.
Music video directed by : Wowa & Kid Bookie

Stuck In My Ways  (2018)

11 . The Snuts – NPC

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

The Snuts are an indie rock band from West Lothian, Scotland. Their 2021 debut album “W.L.” entered at number 1 on the UK Albums Chart.
Music video directed by : Jack Cochrane & Cameron Brisbane

10 . Air Drawn Dagger – Ghostsghostsghosts [Phantoms]

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Air Drawn Dagger is a Sheffield-based electro-emo trio, tackling, through a cathartic blend of angst and melody, themes like dismantling patriarchy and resisting capitalist structures.
Music video directed by : Aaran Mckenzie

9 . Temples – Slow Days

Date Added : nov 23, 2023

Temples are psychedelic rockers from Kettering, England who emerged from their home studio in 2014 with “Sun Structures,” a chart-topper.
Music video directed by : Sheva Kafai

8 . Måneskin – The Driver

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

From their Roman debuts to the grand stage of Eurovision, Italian rockers and 40 million records strong Måneskin blend glam and grit.
Music video directed by : George Gallardo Kattah – Song featured on the album : Rush! (Are U Coming?)

Beggin’ (2017)

7 . Margaritas Podridas – Tornillo

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

Margaritas Podridas, leader of the Hermosillo quartet from Hermosillo, Sonora, México, channels the gritty spirit of ’90s underground rock, fusing grunge, shoegaze, and DIY noise rock.
Music video directed by : Margaritas Podridas

6 . Zior Park – Walking Through The Darkness

Date Added : nov 21, 2023

South Korean visionary Zior Park, born Park Ji-won, merges hip hop and R&B with a cinematic flair, crafting English lyrics that echo fantasies inspired by Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow.Song featured on the album : Where Does Sasquatch Live? Part 2

Christian (2022)

5 . Bilk – RNR

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Bursting from the streets of Chelmsford, Essex, Bilk is an English indie rock trio that packs a punch with a blend of raw punk energy and indie sensibility. Their self-titled debut album in 2023, features stand-out tracks like “Hummus and Pitta” and “Fashion.”
Music video directed by : Sam Hooper

4 . Redhook – Tourist

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Hailing from Sydney, RedHook is an audacious Australian rock ensemble formed in 2017, known for their unique “screaming rap rock electro pop” sound, a frenetic blend of metalcore, electronica, and rap.
Music video directed by : Colin Jeffs

Bad Decisions (2021)

3 . Dead Poet Society – How Could I Love You?

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Forged in the creative crucible of Berklee College of Music, Dead Poet Society is a Los Angeles-based rock band renowned for their fretless instrument mastery and a sound that channels both angst and outrage.
Music video directed by : Edward Curran

 .Coda. (2020)

2 . James Marriott – Denial

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

James Marriott from Brighton, England, is an indie-rock artist since 2020.Song featured on the album : Are We There Yet?

So Long (2023)

1 . Opeth – Windowpane [The Lost Tape]

Date Added : nov 20, 2023

Swedish band Opeth, a Stockholm ensemble formed in 1990, are masters of progressive metal, integrating elements of folk, blues, classical, and jazz into their expansive compositions.

Porcelain Heart (2009)

New Music Videos  (louder) – N°368


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