Gary Burton finishes the recording of his solo album ‘Alone at Last’ (1971)

Gary Burton‘s ‘Alone at Last ‘ is a solo album recorded on June 19 and September 7, 1971 and released in 1972 by Atlantic.


Gary Burton finishes the recording of his solo album ‘Alone at Last’ (1971)

1 . Chega De Saudade

2 . In Your Quiet Place (Suonata Ad Aosta)

3 . I’m Your Pal / Hullo Bolinas

4 . (w/ Larry Coryell, 1967, Berlin)

5 . Chega De Saudade (w/ Chick Corea, Burghausen, 2011)

Track listing : . 1.Moonchild / In Your Quiet Place (Keith Jarrett) – 06:14. 2.Green Mountains / Arise, Her Eyes (Steve Swallow) – 07:35. 3.The Sunset Bell (Gary Burton) – 05:09. 4.Handbags and Gladrags (Mike d’Abo) – 06:05. 5.Hullo Bolinas (Swallow) – 05:49. 6.General Mojo’s Well Laid Plan (Swallow) – 03:38. 7.Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) (Vinícius de Moraes, Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 04:39.

Musicians : . Gary Burton — vibraphone, piano, organ.

Production. Produced by Joel Dorn. Lewis Hahn – Engineer. Stephan Sulke – Engineer. Jean Ristori – Mastering.

Package :. Claude Nobs – Liner Notes. Pascal Bussy – Liner Notes. Ahmet Ertegun – Liner Notes. Michael Weiner – Liner Notes. Ira Friedlander – Design. Giuseppe Pino – Photography. Lee Tanner – Photography. Page Simon – Graphic Design. Urs Tschuppert – Design.

Recorded on June 19 and September 7, 1971.

Released in 1972 by Atlantic.

(Source Gary Burton – Alone at Last | Alone at Last | Gary Burton – Official Site)

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All About Jazz
Of necessity, this disc isn’t full of rhythm pieces: many are meditative ruminations, but all are melodically fetching. Anyone who loves the vibes in the hands of Burton in his work with Chick Corea or on his own – and anyone who loves Hamp, or Bags, or Hutch – will love this pretty disc. Recommended. […]

WarpedOrb @ RateYourMusic
The title isn’t the only thing masturbatory about the platter, but Burton’s a brilliant vibist and this fits the bill when I’m in a hippy dippy mood. […]

Steve Weiss Music
Gary Burton‘s performance of “Chega De Saudade” from the Grammy award winning recording “Alone at last” is quite possibly the most famous solo vibraphone performance to date. […]


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