Leonard Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’

Leonard Cohen‘s ‘I’m Your Man’ is his eighth studio album released on February 2, 1988 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen) – 06:01 . 2.Ain’T No Cure For Love (Leonard Cohen) – 04:50 . 3.Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson) – 05:36 . 4.I’M Your Man (Leonard Cohen) – 04:28 . 5.Take This Waltz (Leonard Cohen, Federico García Lorca) – 05:59 . 6.Jazz Police (Leonard Cohen, Jeff Fisher) – 03:53 . 7.I Can’T Forget (Leonard Cohen) – 04:31 . 8.Tower Of Song (Leonard Cohen) – 05:37

Musicians : Leonard Cohen – Keyboards, Vocals . Jude Johnson – Vocals . Anjani Thomas – Vocals . Jennifer Warnes – Vocals . Jeff Fisher – Keyboards . Bob Stanley – Guitar . Sneaky Pete Kleinow – Pedal Steel Guitar . Peter Kisilenko – Bass . Tom Brechtlein – Drums . Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums . Lenny Castro – Percussion . Michel Robidoux – Drums, Keyboards . John Bilezikjian – Oud . Richard Beaudet – Saxophone . Raffi Hakopian – Violin . Mayel Assouly – Backing Vocals . Evelyine Hebey – Backing Vocals . Elisabeth Valletti – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Leonard Cohen, Roscoe Beck, Jean-Michel Reusser, Michel Robidoux . Kevin Beauchamp – Engineer . François Deschamps – Engineer . Roger Guerin – Engineer . Jean-Jacque Peruchon – Engineer . Ian Terry – Engineer . Leanne Ungar – Engineer, Mixing . Frank Wolfe – Mixing . Billy Youdelman – Engineer

Package : Sharon Weisz – Cover Photo

Recorded In August–November 1987.

ReleasedOn February 2, 1988 By Columbia.

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Leonard Cohen


Rolling Stone
Still, it’s a pleasure to say there’s still absolutely nothing comforting about having Leonard Cohen around. […]

The Quietus
Ain’t No Cure For Love: Leonard Cohen‘s I’m Your Man 25 Years On Or would be, had I taken on board a fraction of the wisdom it dispenses. (About art in life, remember; not life itself. You can’t live life the “Leonard Cohen” way. Surely not even Leonard Cohen does that.) I’ll give it another twenty-five, if I have themand see what happens. […]

The album starts with the line “They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom for trying to change the system from within.” In the musical world, Leonard Cohen hasn’t bothered trying to change the system. He’s simply done what he does best: writing great material and putting out records on occasion […]


Leonard Cohen‘s ‘I’m Your Man’



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