C.B.S. publish Mahavishnu Orchestra’s first album : ‘The Inner Mounting Flame’ (1971)

Mahavishnu Orchestra’s ‘The Inner Mounting Flame’ is its first (fully composed by John McLaughlin) studio album released on August 14, 1971 by C.B.S.

Track listing : . 1.Meeting of the Spirits (John McLaughlin) – 06:52 . 2.Dawn (John McLaughlin) – 05:10 . 3.The Noonward Race (John McLaughlin) – 06:28 . 4.A Lotus On Irish Streams (John McLaughlin) – 05:39 . 5.Vital Transformation (John McLaughlin) – 06:16 . 6.The Dance of Maya (John McLaughlin) – 07:17 . 7.You Know You Know (John McLaughlin) – 05:07 . 8.Awakening (John McLaughlin) – 03:32 .

Don Hunstein

Musicians : . Mahavishnu Orchestra – . John McLaughlin – guitar . Rick Laird – bass . Billy Cobham – drums, percussion . Jan Hammer – keyboards, organ . Jerry Goodman – violin .

Production . Produced by Mahavishnu Orchestra . Don Puluse – engineer . Robert Honablue – engineer .

Packaging : . Bob Belden Liner Notes . Howard Fritzson Art Direction . Anthony Hixon Photography . Don Hunstein asterisques RVM Photography .

Recorded in 1971 .

Released on August 14, 1971 by C.B.S.


Flourishes of absolute intensity, exuded by a spellbinding union of musical components bounded together by the intimate synergy of its musicians- The Inner Mounting Flame provides a performance that is truly mesmerizing. […]

Don Ignacio
These guys were not only able to play the living snot out of their respective instruments, but they were able to play off of each other to an absolutely heart-stopping effect. […]

Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
Some of these songs may leave you gasping for air, but they’ll likely leave you feeling thrilled as well, for this band can still shock and awe forty years after this incendiary debut first dropped. […]


Mahavishnu Orchestra’s ‘The Inner Mounting Flame’



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